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    M. Saekan Muchith : Da’wah For Understanding Islam

    Da’wah in general definition meant “to invite or to deliver”. People who invite or deliver are called preachers (muballigh). There are lot of misunderstanding (wrong but understood) that da’wah will be conducted only by religious leaders, speakers, preachers and religious educational institutions who had the duties and responsibilities to explain and teach Islam (da’wah Islam)….

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    M. Saekan Muchith : Islamic Education Unifying Nation

    Islamic Education Unifying Nation M. Saekan Muchith Abstract Islamic education for the nation of Indonesia becomes very important because it is known as a diverse nation in various aspects, such as religion, ethnic groups, languages, traditions and even colors. Once differences is not supported by human maturity, it easily leads to conflict of life. Maturity…

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    Personal Website (About):

    Personal Website (About): Website:www.saekankudus is personally owned and administrated by a Lecturer of State Islamic College (STAIN) Kudus, Central Java, Indonesia brought the motto: “Religious, Nationalist, Cultured”. It is aimed firstly as a media for socializing ideas, opinions or scientific research of the owner and other scholars. Second, this is a mean for spreading information…

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